I design personal artwork for people…for specific people. Whether you are an individual, family, or company, I would love to create a custom card, print, or gift just for you. Check out these examples of some of my custom work:

Ready to order now?  E-mail me at mara@handdrawnbymara.com.  Tell me what you have in mind and if you have any photos for inspiration, be sure to attach those.  I will write you back with confirmation and any questions I have.  Felicity will e-mail you with a quote for the cost.  Once you approve the quote, we will be off and running.

**All custom order are, well, custom.  So we price each order based on what the job entails.  Contact Felicity for a quote for your custom project.

**Please remember custom cards are commissioned artwork which do take into consideration the customer’s vision, but are ultimately the artist’s rendering.