She doesn't actually juggle the baby. THAT is my sister, Felicity.

At least that’s how I see her.  But it’s not far from reality because she does juggle many things, including juggling balls! I’m older than Felicity.  But she’s way more “on top of it” than me. Some might say bossy, some practical!

I’ve been running these funny, little underground operations–like the yoga studio I had going in the living room of my one-bedroom Los Angeles apartment.  (Sometime on our blog we’ll tell you all about the theatre company that we started with our rock-n-roll-playing-pasta-making brother, our glass-blowing-goat-raising brother, and our other sister who’s so eccentric she’s normal!)  Anyway, every Christmas, I made cards and sold them in the “boutique,” that is corner of my living room.  And every year, I sold out!

Then I moved to Venice—California, not Italy (yet)—for LOVE.  I now reside half a block from the ocean, with my favorite guy on the planet and my cat.  Our even tinier one-bedroom is now home to my art studio, where I’ve been spending a lot of my time & life force lately.The Hesed Sisters

This year, the graceful and innovative Felicity decided to turn my one-woman-card-making-factory into an online business.  And so we began building HAND drawn by Mara as a collaboration spanning from my love nest in LA up the coast to San Francisco where Felicity currently resides with her totally awesome husband and baby—both of whom have proved invaluable auxiliary collaborators.  Giovanni, the baby (as pictured above), really kinda started the whole thing by gently forcing Felicity to quit her job teaching junior high and chill out on her trapeze training.  And Drew, the super husband, is our Man Behind The Curtain…or computer.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to do a project with my oldest and most beloved female contemporary–I mean look at us, we’re practically twins!–and I’m super excited about the whole thing!