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Posted by Mara on June 13, 2013

Okay, so as I was saying…Father’s Day is coming up this weekend!!

It’s funny because LA is a BIG CITY with A LOT of stuff going on, but for some reason, we’re mainly conquering Atwater Village.  Which is a little ‘hood–adjacent to others that have been in magazines and stuff because fancy, extremely hip people live there–not so much Atwater.  Atwater is flat and plain, you wouldn’t know it was there.  Except that, as happens in the rough, it is a gem!  It has a sweet vibe, some favorite cafes and shops, and a bunch of families and normal, lovely people who live there.  Plus they have a great Farmer’s Market!  That is growing like crazy and happens to be managed by a friend of mine–hence our privileged participation.  (LA is all about who you know!)

We’ve had so much fun running a table for Hand Drawn at the market these past weeks!  By “we” I mean Me, Matt and Quinn–my two amazing boys who’ve been at my side for most of it (nap-time notwithstanding)!  And we’re totally looking forward to setting up shop again this coming weekend, AGAIN in Atwater, in a slightly different context, this time at the Atwater Art Walk.  Another friend of mine asked if I would vend at this upcoming event, and I was more than happy to oblige!  It takes place this Saturday, June 15th from 5-10pm…in Atwater.

I decided to submit some paintings to the Walk as well, and I’m delighted to be showing two: one, not uncharacteristically for me, is a painting of a naked lady and the other, appropriately since it’s the day before Father’s Day, is of Matt.  I’m showing it here (even though it’s way cooler if you see it live).

And here comes the long part…

There are 3 men in my life who’ve contributed to my work as an artist so deeply that I can honestly say I would not be who I am without them.  One, a sort of father figure, is my art teacher.  He taught me everything I’ve ever learned about making art.  And he has supported my ongoing efforts in the field so generously and without one whiff of doubt or reservation that I…well, I blame my storage problem on him almost exclusively!

The second is my very own Dad.  A musician and composer and, as I’ve only realized in my adult years, a beautifully eccentric individual, my father has always been my original role model as an artist.  Even as, throughout my entire life, I’ve flailed from this discipline to that medium, always knowing I need art, and never (still) knowing exactly how to do that, I’ve always followed in his creative footsteps.  He planted the seed!  I’ve also noticed the older I get, the more like him I become–and I can honestly say that with pride!

Finally, the third and most important man in my life is Matt Ford.  That painting of him is a little misleading because he doesn’t usually have that much hair.  He grew that mop and beard for a play he was in a few years back (dang, when I saw him enter the stage looking 9 feet tall, which they did on purpose by augmenting his 6”2′ frame with heeled boots and a tall hat–wow, what a presence this man!)  Anyway his hair is always a bit unruly, which I adore, but he usually keeps pretty clean shaven, which is fortunate because Quinny has a bit of a thing about men with beards…BUT my point is he, Matt, is also an artist.  He is a great actor, a brilliant builder and a passionate lover.  In the picture I describe him as both wild and placid, and that essence, hair or no, is true.  I’ll never forget before I met his family, he told his young niece about me, and she asked if I was pretty.  His answer was, “She’s an artist.”  I feel so ridiculously lucky to have a partner who sees the beauty in me is my art.  Love that guy.

Interestingly, these 3 preeminent male influences, and I’m not leaving anybody out, they’re it in their category, are ALL Sagittarius.  Coincidence..?

Okay, that’s all I wanted to say with Father’s Day right around the corner.  Father’s Day blog is finally concluded.

Hope to see you in Atwater Village this weekend!




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