cyber monday story

Posted by Mara on November 27, 2012

Well, here we are, as promised…Happy Cyber Monday!!  (This one is hard to forget, since if you so much as look at the interweb, you’re going to see a Cyber Monday ad pop up.)

On a personal note, since we’re in the business of personal, my little family made it home safe and sound.  But not without a little drama.

We had planned to leave around 6pm so that Quinn would sleep through the whole 6-hour car ride, and we would still get home at a halfway reasonable hour.  Ah, the best laid plans…at 6pm Quinny was in the middle of a baby spaz, induced partially by an inconvenient diaper rash and partially by mere vacation exhaustion.  By the time we’d calmed the child and gotten him fed and ready, it was creeping towards 7pm (read 1am arrival time).  Pushing forward, though a bit exhausted by the weekend revelry ourselves, we said our lengthy good-byes–which consisted of Giovanni giving us each several rounds of hugs and kissies–we got everyone into the car and started to drive.  We drove about 30 feet before realizing our back tire was completely flat.

For a moment, we thought we’d have to leave the next day.  But this was Saturday night, and as everyone in California knows, you never want to drive this route the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  We discovered this by trying it a few years back–the 6-hour trip took us 12 HOURS!  We obviously weren’t about to make that mistake twice, especially Lawd help us, with a 1-year-old in the car!  The tire had to be changed!

We pulled the car over, and Matt commenced to look for a spare.  As it turned out, the spare we had was a real deal tire, so Matt and Uncle Drew set to the man-tastic job of changing it.  Amazingly, the guy whose house we parked outside, came to help and promptly opened his garage to reveal like an entire arsenal of tire changing tools.  And so the day–or rather night–was saved.

We finally did get on the road a little after 8pm and arrived safely home about 2:30pm.

That story told…Buy Our Cards!  You won’t regret it!

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