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Posted by Felicity on November 24, 2012

Hey y’all, Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone had a good’n.

Matt and Quinn and I packed up a drove North to San Francisco for the holiday.  So I’m coming to you live from the city by the bay.  We’ve had many wonderful moments here wrangling babies, visiting, cooking, eating AND working.  Fortunately, these are all things we love to do!

We’ve just finished our lunch of leftover turkey, gravy, cranberries, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green beans.  And at this moment, the babes are napping, like the little angels that they are.  The menfolk are working (Felicity’s husband does computers and works from home…and Mateo is currently fixing the futon that we broke yesterday, oops!)  While Felicity, exactly 8 months pregnant, is resting.  And yours truly is writing blogs.  A fine post-holiday afternoon.

So I wanted to blog to you to apologize a little for the Christmas blitz you’re in for from Hand Drawn by Mara!

I kid.  BUT we are going to send you a couple emails in the coming weeks to remind you of a few important things, they are:  Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, to buy your holiday cards from us and last chance to buy your holiday cards from us.

These official consumer holidays are funny–but we’ve just jumped right on them with the rest of the retail lemmings.  We heard it was Small Business Saturday tomorrow, so we were like, “Hey!  We’re a small biz, about as small as small biz gets, let’s sell cards!”  Well, that AND we kinda actually liked the idea of this as the progressive backlash to Black Friday.  We think you should buy your holiday cards from us rather than Walmart.  In our view, it is better for you and your loved ones and in a tiny way better for the world.

It is precisely because we feel this way that last night, fat and happy after our feast–the babies sleeping and the big boys smoking cigars–Felicity and I got to work folding cards!  This is a product that we render entirely by hand, people.  I draw it.  I scan it to Felicity.  She prints it.  Then we cut, score, fold, package every single card ourselves.

So please just rest assured that when you buy from our smallest of small businesses, you get every bit the small business product you pay for.  That is to say, we care about you and what we’re selling to you.

Our only questionable labor practice maybe is employing an 8 month pregnant woman after 10pm on a national holiday–but other than that, we’re clean!

Hope to see y’all in our online boutique this year…


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