what she said

Posted by Mara on August 29, 2012 in Blog

If you look in the blog archives to the right there under June 2011, you’ll find a blog called “Happy Birthday, Giovanni!” that Felicity wrote for Giovanni’s first birthday.  It is the best blog she’s ever written, probably dare I say the best blog WE’VE ever written, truly inspired, it makes me cry every time [...]

personal and quality assured

Posted by Mara on August 9, 2012 in Blog

Hey y’all.  It’s another beautiful day in sunny Southern California!  It’s gotten “hot” this week.  I’m complaining because it’s like in the 80′s…meanwhile my family in St.Louis is STILL enduring 100 degree temps.  Oh, the joys of living in LA.  I have to gloat about these things a little bit, because as any resident would [...]