virgo belatedly

Posted by Mara on October 8, 2011 in Blog

As I’m catching up here, reintegrating after my Maternity Leave, I’m noticing that we are already in the sign of Libra and I never blogged about Virgo.  If I had missed a sign of less significance, it might not be worth backtracking, but Virgo is among the most important signs in the Zodiac because…Felicity is [...]

fascinating and bizarre

Posted by Mara on October 5, 2011 in Blog

Here’s some other stuff I wanted to say. Quinn is a little wonder.  Motherhood is fascinating and bizarre. Three preoccupations that I knew intellectually going in, but I couldn’t have really known until now are: One, the belly really is bigger post-pregnancy than you’d like it to be.  This is perhaps not so for many [...]

thank you kindly

Posted by Mara on October 1, 2011 in Blog

Hi Blogosphere! I’m blogging right now with a baby in my lap.  The baby who was in my tummy 6 weeks ago is now in my lap.  And he is a real live sweet pea!  I just love this guy! I wanted to say some Thank You’s… Thanks to all those who sent sweet messages [...]