vacation, part one

Posted by Mara on June 29, 2011 in Blog
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(Okay, so I have to go back to the love theme one more time!  I wanted to blog about my recent vacation, but as it turns out there’s a major lovey-dovey part in there.  I would be remiss to omit it, but if you’re more interested in the travel documentation you could skim over the [...]

make a wish

Posted by Mara on June 9, 2011 in Blog
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My, my, my. So much LOVE going on up in here! This blog is becoming a family love fest! We better write something cynical or gross and quick, before we lose our hipster fan base…. I’ve been asked to tell you a little bit about the Make A Wish Birthday Cards that we’re introducing on [...]

Happy Birthday, Giovanni!

Posted by Felicity on June 6, 2011 in Blog
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It is the eve of my first son’s first birthday.  We had Giovanni’s birthday party today because Sunday is a much better day for a birthday party than Monday.  It was just family and close friends, but that still meant we had a total of 18 people.  Drew’s family is in town which has been [...]

Super Matt

Posted by Mara on June 3, 2011 in Blog
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Felicity’s last post, her tribute to Super Drew, was so sweet it made me tear up a little. This is something that happens during pregnancy, perhaps you’ve experienced it in yourself or someone you love, you get kinda hormonally weepy and almost humorously over-sentimental. Almost. Because it’s funny, but mostly embarrassing. Like I will admit [...]