Super Mom

Posted by Mara on April 27, 2011 in Blog
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Meet Juliann, she’s our Super Mom.  As you can see from the picture, she’s totally Super Duper! She’s the Principal of a Catholic grade school in St. Louis that has Montessori up to 8th grade.  It’s called St. Margaret of Scotland.  St. Margaret is where we went to grade school (though our Mom wasn’t the boss at [...]


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Spring is here and our website is sprouting!  There are tulips growing, butterflies and bees buzzing about, and Sampson and Giovanni are all dressed up for Easter.  Be sure to browse around our site to see Mara’s adorable Spring decorations. I would also like to announce Mara’s new line of Spring cards.  I LOVE these. [...]

Birthday Cards!

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We have two new lines of birthday cards: Zodiac and Make a Wish.  Next time you need a birthday card, give a Hand Drawn by Mara card!


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I’m reading this fabulously interesting book called “Naked”.  Now this already piques the interest, no? It’s really a picture book, which any book with this title should absolutely be!  But it’s really an ART book.  It is chronicling the nude in American art throughout history. And wow, I’m here to tell you, in case you’re [...]

say Yes

Posted by Mara on April 5, 2011 in Blog
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This weekend, I stepped out of my comfort zone. Nobody likes to do that. It’s human nature. Of course the borders of some peoples’ zones are much more rigidly guarded than others. Like the people who tell you categorically No, I Don’t Do That. Whatever it is, I don’t dance or I don’t do karaoke [...]